The four principles apply in different forms to all objectives and fields of action of the strategy

  • Putting people first
  • Providing room for development
  • Facilitating structural change
  • Networking the design of transformation processes

Main goals

The four core objectives set the guard rails and define the overarching objectives that the strategy aims to achieve.

  • Enabling equal participation for all and strengthening solidarity
  • Guaranteeing security, trust and transparency
  • Further improving the digital empowerment of people
  • Ensuring value creation, growth and well-being

Fields of action

The strategy defines nine fields of action, each with concrete goals. The fields of action cover a wide range of topics in which digitisation plays an important role for Switzerland


The implementation of the strategy is carried out by the departments and services of the Confederation in cooperation with interest groups from business, science and civil society

  • Networking and cooperation of all stakeholder groups
  • Digital Switzerland Action Plan
  • Dialogue on the ongoing development of digital Switzerland

Action plan

The action plan provides an overview of federal and external measures that contribute to the implementation of the strategy objectives.

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Digital Boards

List of the digital boards participating in the digital transformation in Switzerland.

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