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Manned & Unmanned On-Demand Mobility Services
extern SBB, PostBus

Complementary offers in public transport (public transport, on-demand mobility, shared mobility, etc.). New mobility services, made possible by digitisation, can create an attractive offer and thus considerably reduce the need for parking spaces and environmental pollution, especially in urban areas. These services could increase significantly with the use of motor vehicles. Public transport operators, mobility service providers, cities and the Confederation must learn together, through pilot projects, how to ensure the positive effects and reduce the negative effects of these services through proper management. Mobility with motor vehicles can therefore also be introduced gradually. Project: Testing of on-demand sharing vehicles on selected routes or in urban areas as a first-last-mile service for railways and easy mobility at intermodal transfer points. First with the drivers, then with motor vehicles if the frame allows it

SBB, PostBus
technology providers, Cantons, cities, Public transportation partners