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SmartRail 4.0
extern SBB

The railways play an important and recognised role in Switzerland. However, competition with other modes of transport is increasing. The railways must make better use of existing resources with more flexible products and must at the same time reduce costs.
SmartRail 4.0 is based on new components which are made possible by technological advances, including digitalisation and the adoption of solutions from other sectors:
- The location of trains is pinpointed continuously and accurately. This enables a higher train density and lower trackside costs.
- Planning and control of rail operations is being automated, with constantly updated plans for the faster rectification of faults.
- A new vehicle system architecture will result in simplified upgradeability and licensing of vehicles, which will reduce the operating costs of rolling stock.
- ATO (Automatic Train Operation) enhances the stability/robustness of the timetable and helps save energy.
- New, digital, data-controlled signal boxes mean simpler and very safe management of operations which permit more automation in the operating centres, greatly reduce the number of signalling faults and cut the costs of signal boxes substantially.
- 5G technology for the rail system supports automation and remote access and enables a continuous online presence.

BLS, Südostbahn SOB, Rhaetian Railway RhB, Public Transportation Union PTU, TPF