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Digitalised mobility services
extern SBB

Additional offerings in public transport (personal public transport, on-demand mobility, sharing mobility, etc.). New mobility services which are made possible as a result of digitalisation enable attractive products to be created, so parking space and environmental impact can be significantly reduced, above all in urban areas. In future, such services will increase greatly as a consequence of autonomous vehicles. Public transport operators, mobility service providers, towns and cities and the Confederation must learn together how the positive effects of such services can be guaranteed and how the negative effects can be reduced by means of adequate controls. In this way mobility with self-driving vehicles can also be introduced gradually.
Project: piloting of on-demand sharing of vehicles on selected routes and urban areas as first-last-mile feeders for the rail system and convenient mobility links to intermodal transfer points. Initially with drivers, then given an appropriate framework, with self-driven vehicles.

Public transportation partners, Cities