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QR Invoices
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The QR invoice modernizes the Swiss payment system. It will gradually replace the existing payment slips from 30.06.2020. The QR invoice consists of a payment part and a receipt part. The QR code in the middle of the payment section contains all the information that also appears in text form on the invoice.
The introduction of the QR invoice affects all market participants (companies/organisations and private individuals) using the swiss payment system. For this reason, when preparing the QR invoice, importance was attached to both supporting digital processes and taking traditional payers into account.
With the introduction of the QR invoice, Switzerland is laying the foundation stone for digital financial processes with the active support of the swiss economy and civil society. The QR invoice builds a bridge between the paper-based and the digital world, as it can be used at the Post office counter as well as for mobile and e-banking. In addition, the quality of information in the swiss payment system will be significantly improved. Companies will receive faster status reports and manage their liquid assets in a more targeted and ultimately more efficient manner. Overall, the degree of automation is also higher, which saves time and money. In addition, the QR code contains a data field for the automated exchange of information between invoicing parties and recipients, which considerably simplifies companies' deibtor processes.

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