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Projects and applications in connection with digitalisation in the energy sector

The SFOE supports various projects in connection with progressive digitalisation in the energy sector (renewable energy, energy efficiency) through the following support programmes: energy research, pilot and demonstration installation programme, SFOE Beacon programme, ProKilowatt and EnergieSchweiz. The Smart Grid Ready project deserves a special mention. It is intended to define a requirement profile for standards which should be offered by manufacturers so that houses become increasingly compatible and controllable for the energy system.
The FERIZ project motivates owners of holiday homes to equip their heating systems with remote controls and to switch them off remotely when the properties are not being used.
In addition, applications which can support energy efficiency are being offered and developed These include the “Bike Wednesday" app to promote non-motorised transport, the “Lower CO2" app for providing information related to purchasing energy-efficient vehicles and the “ecodrive” app to practise energy-efficient driving in a game-playing environment.

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