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Federal Electronic Identification Services Act
FDJP | FOJ, fedpol

At its session on 1 June 2018 the Federal Council adopted the message on the Federal Electronic Identification Services Act (E-ID Act) for the attention of parliament. The E-ID Act will constitute the basis for issuing electronic means of identification which make possible for individuals to identify themselves in the digital space on the basis of data confirmed by the state. The commencement of the consultation on the message by parliament is envisaged for autumn 2018. It is expected that the E-ID Act will enter into force in early 2021.
To achieve this goal, the tasks under the E-ID Act are to be split between the state and the private sector. The state will continue to fulfil its main mission: official verification and confirmation of the identity of a person. In view of the dynamics of technological change, it would not, however, be able to develop and produce the technical means of delivery for identification itself. The private sector is closer to users and the necessary digital technologies and can better fulfil this function.

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